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These are our clearance/end-of-line travertine products, or at times, products that may be of seconds quality. (If this is the case, we will make this very clear).

These cheap travertine products are the best choice for those on a tight budget, or those wanting the strength and durability of stone without an over critical eye. Therefore, they are ideal for areas like the garden shed, edging or under the umbrella. It is likely there may be some imperfections such as chipped corners or shade variance.

Shade variance is a broad term in natural stone (as it is very common), in this case it means that a product that is usually a cream base may have some rustic or golden tones and some features such as grey veining. A product that is usually a light grey may have some cream or darker grey/silver tones throughout.

In travertine chipping corners and tumbled edges are commonplace. This is to be an expected part of the tumbling process, but more so in clearance/cheap travertine tiles and pavers as tiles and pavers may be included that didn’t “make the cut’ to the standard or premium range.

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