About Travertine PAVing

On a hot summer evening in 1989, two best friends – a stone mason and a tiler – were complaining about the lack of great quality natural travertine tiles and pavers on the market.

After much frustration trying to find the perfect fusion of great quality natural stone and customer service at affordable prices, they realised they really needed to do something about it.

The two men teamed up and worked tirelessly to bring their dream to life. Fuelled by their passion, they worked to create a business that is everything they could ever want from a stone shop. Their friends and partners thought it was madness, that it couldn’t be done – how could you offer premium grade products at a cheaper price than many substandard stone that other customers were offering? Something has to give, right?

Stubbornly ignoring their critics, they travelled the world in an effort to source the best quality travertine. After many years of trials, wins (and many mistakes and heated arguments along the way) Travertine Paving was born!

After 30 years, Travertine Paving has finessed into a brand that many tilers, landscapers, architects and renovators trust to bring their dream projects to life.

To this day, the two friends have successfully built a business that has served thousands of happy customers. The team has grown since that day in 1989, but above all their values have stayed the same:

Premium quality travertine, at the best prices in Australia with good old fashioned customer service!

Companies you may know

Having been in the tile supply industry since 1989, it is probable we’ve supplied companies or people you know.
From an outside perspective, you may assume that we’d shrug these ‘wins’ off, but at our core we are a small family operated business and team.
We are excited and proud when we see our products laid, knowing that we are a trusted brand in the industry.
Below are just some of the ‘big guys’ we’ve supplied over the last 30 years.

The team

Tiler and Stonemason Steve

Manager & Stonemason

Steve has been with us from day one, in his younger years beginning as our tiler.

Today, Steve is the manager. An invaluable asset to the business and our customers with a wealth of knowledge. His first hand experience has guided countless customers complete their projects. He travels with Dave yearly to our major stone quarries across the world, including Turkey and China.

Ordering Manager

Ordering Manager

Dave started working with us while still in high-school as a part time store-man, working in the warehouse packing orders.

He has since moved inside and found his niche in ordering from our international suppliers & managing stock levels. His passion, knowledge & drive for excellence make him vital to the daily running of our business.

Freight Manager

Freight & Sales Assistant

Annie found her passion in design, after leaving retail management, and has just kept growing her knowledge on natural stone over the last 5 years.

Along with an amazing eye for detail and design,  Annie is our transport and freight coordinator, managing all deliveries and interstate transport.

Brooke Admin Staff

Sales & Customer Support

Brooke came to work with us straight out of high-school, and over the last 6 years has grown to be the educated first point of contact for all clients, both internal and external.

Brooke excels in guiding customer through the variety of options available to them and ensuring a smooth ordering process from quote to delivery.


Sales & Customer Support



Online Marketing

Web Development

Warehouse Manager





Travertine Paving Reviews

Sheridan and the team have been amazing from day 1. After many visits back and forth to the show room along with being provided samples the finished product looks fantastic.

Gregg Stuart / Google Review

The online showroom made ordering from Brisbane an easy experience.
The sample that was posted to me, free of charge was fantastic and arrived very promptly. Would highly recommend.

Kylie Badellino / Google Review

Being in Brisbane it was great to use your virtual showroom to select my travertine, it was like being there…AWESOME.
The follow up free sample and door to door delivery was exceptional service.
Thanks Brooke

Tyson Lennings / Google Review

We’re here to help you create your dream design. We’re the experts so you don’t have to be.