What is the cost of Travertine Pavers?

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What is the cost of Travertine Pavers?

Prices are approximate per square metre and do not reflect total cost.

Travertine pavers are aesthetically beautiful and incredibly durable, so it is no wonder you are researching whether they’re suitable for your area. Whatever the size of your outdoor area, travertine pavers will lighten your setting, accompanied by a touch of elegance.

Installation of travertine pavers can vary in cost, with a number of factors to take into account. The size of your project area is the most significant factor affecting project cost; another important consideration is that pavers must be placed onto a solid base, and the depending on what base is required in your area, the preparation costs will vary quite significantly.

Travertine Pavers Costs to Consider

The cost of travertine pavers is measured in metre squared.

  • The travertine itself with vary depending on the colour, thickness and grade you select. You can expect to pay between $37m2 – $119m2. 
    12mm is usually between $37m2 – $69m2
    30mm us ususally between $39m2 – $99m2
  • Professional paver installers such as a tiler or landscapers can charge fees of $45-$110 per m2, pending on experience and requirements.
  • Additional materials such as grout and the correct adhesive are usually covered by the costs per m2.
  • For a crushed rock base, you would usually be looking anywhere between $10 -15 per m2, alternatively, a poured concrete base can be priced between $55-$95 per m2 for basic excavation.

Travertine Pros and Cons

Whilst travertine can often be a premium selection, the stone provides an elegant look to a setting, whether it is external in a poolside or courtyard area, or inside a bathroom or a kitchen. Its versatility makes it an ideal selection for those wanting a smooth internal-external flow.
It is a durable stone – and is able to withstand all weather conditions, and temperatures.

With travertine, however – it is important to remember that washing with an acidic substance is NOT recommended – acid and travertine do not react well together, and you may do irreversible damage to your setting.


Alongside the premier finish travertine pavers would give a setting, in an outside or inside format, you now know a general cost of installing and purchasing Travertine Pavers, what travertine is and the pros and cons in comparison to other natural stone options. Costs vary on a number of factors, including labouring costs, grades of the stones, and the settings in which they are being used and it is important to keep in mind your budget and surrounds when looking for a travertine paving installer– but you can rest assured knowing that it will stand the test of time, both in endurance and beauty.