Not sure what tile thickness you need? That’s okay!

With so much information available on the internet, it can be hard to know if its’ relevant.
The best thing you can do is have a professional consider the paver or tile thickness you have,
and assess the strength of your current base and make recommendation of the next step forward.
If you’re planning on DIY, you can consult one of our in-store stone masons for their guidance.

Are you just wanting a basic idea? The general usage recommendations for application are below:
12mm and thinner tilesbest on a solid, undamaged concrete base.

13mm-20mm tiles – assessed on a case by case basis, advisable on a concrete base.

20mm paversbest on a concrete base.
Suitable on a compacted crushed rock base with a sand and cement slurry. 

20mm-30mm paversConcrete; a compacted crushed rock base with a sand and cement slurry or; a solid sand base (permeable).

The quality of your base will depend on the recommended adhesive.
The general recommendations include a quality adhesive such as Mapei with a cement based powder, and potentially a latex based additive to provide flexibility.
For permeable bases, you may need to use a slurry consisting of sand, cement and water, or a sand only base, depending on the likelihood of excavation.

Please note the above are the generally suitable uses, for information specific to your tiles or pavers, contact us and we’d be happy to help.
We have a stonemason in-store daily to provide experienced advise on all things labour related, Mon-Sat on (03) 9706 9767.