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What are Rebated Pool Coping Tiles?

Rebated pool coping tiles are also often referred to as Dropfaces or Dropface Coping

Rebated coping tiles are a type of pool edging that are very popular due to their ability to cover potentially exposed adhesive, and as a design feature due to the options for different sized facings. They are considered the classiest and most “extravagant” design option, as they give off the impression that they are one large slab of stone. 

– Covers any exposed adhesive and join lines.
– 40mm and 75mm facing available, to suit different styles and budgets.
– Often used on fiberglass pools to cover the curved lip.
– Can at times be used to cover old tiles in pool renovations. 


– Limited options for pools with curves or rounded corners. Special orders are available with a 10-12 order time-frame. 
– A more expensive option than the bullnosed or tumbled varieties. 

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Dropface Pool Coping Edge Tile
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Bullnosed Pool Coping Images

What are Bullnosed Pool Coping Tiles?

Bullnosed Coping tiles are at times referred to as curved or rounded coping. 

Made popular through the old terracotta style, the bullnose has remained a long standing favourite. Often considered to be traditional in style, due to its past, but with its versatile nature and colour options it can be dressed up or down to suit any style, whether that is a modern or Victorian home. 

– Favored amongst families for the rounded edging, making it smoother for young children to glide in and out.
– The ideal option for those with curved pools such as a kidney shape, as good tilers can cut the tile to shape.  
– Cost effective and a large range of sizing options. 
– The 30mm thickness allows for a reasonable overhang of 15-25mm, to help cover any adhesive and pool lips. 

– Some consider the style to be “old-fashioned”.
– If wanting to curve to a pool, you will need an experienced tiler. 

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White Limestone Coping Paver
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Tumbled Pool Coping Images

What are Tumbled Pool Coping Tiles?

Tumbled edging is the newest additional the the coping family; most often available in Travertine and Limestone. The tumbled edging emphasizes the natural beauty of stone and creates a clean and square finish. 

– Generally the cheapest coping tile option. 
– The square tile will compliment most home designs, whether traditional or modern. 
– A wide variety of sizing and colours available, from creams to greys. 
– Available in a 30mm thickness, which can be over hung to help hide any unsightly adhesives or pool lips. 

– The square edge can “blend in” to the paving, rather than being a feature edge. 

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Square Edge Travertine Pool Coping in a beige
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