Travertine Shades and Colours

Making the choice on which travertine colour will best suit the tones of your home can be difficult.
We recommend first selecting a colour category such as ‘white‘ or ‘grey‘, and then assessing the variety of travertine shades available within that category.
It is important to keep in mind that the texture and overall surface finish has a large impact on the final colour.

No two travertine tiles are made equal.
With travertine shades varying from soft white tones to rich browns and cool greys, the variation available is extraordinary.
There is simply no other natural stone like it. If you have a colour palette you’re working with, filtering the options into the main travertine shades can make things a lot simpler and easier to navigate.
Whether you’re looking for a bright¬†white travertine or a cool grey pool coping tile, there’s a block waiting for you.

What factors into the colour of travertine tiles?

1) Whether the block is vein cut or cross cut plays the biggest role in the final look.
The cut refers to the direction the stone is sliced, and whether there are veins (lines) visible on the surface.
Almost all travertine tiles and pavers on the market are cross cut as their versatility appeals to a much wider audience. Vein cut tiles are often selected as feature pieces due to their unique look.
Unfilled and Tumbled travertine is much preferred for larger areas, as the unique look creates a feature without overwhelming a space.

2) The surface finish plays the next important role in the end result. Our Pearl Grey Limestone is a perfect example of that. In the tumbled finish, the pearl grey is a bold deep blue-grey hue.
However, in the sandblasted surface finish, the colour is a very bright light grey. The change is so extreme, we had to give it a new name to avoid confusion.

3) The last important factor is how you finish the paving job.
Products such as grout and sealer can have a large impact on the colour. For example, if you lay a silver grey travertine, a white grout will drastically lighten the colour.
If you lay Ivory Travertine, a colour matched cream shade grout can blend seamlessly with the tiles. You finishing actions give you a lot of freedom to adjust the final result.

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