What is the correct French Pattern layout?

A diagram of the Travertine French Pattern layout

So, you’re laying French Pattern Travertine, but you’re a bit stumped about what goes where and what the correct french pattern layout is for Travertine?

Don’t worry, we know it can be overwhelming to begin with, but we’re here to help. We have put together a diagram to show you what pieces go where, and then how to continue the pattern. Once you have started and laid the first 2m2, it all becomes a lot easier, we promise.

Start by tiling from the outside of your area and work your way to the inside, this helps to avoid too many cuts. If its a square area, some prefer to work from the center out, be you will likely need to cut all sides when you reach them.

The way that we package our Travertine is to make it as easy as possible for you, with little to no confusion.
One whole pattern is 1.5m2, so we have divided this into two packs, so that you can see what pieces go where, without getting tiles mixed up!
Each pack contains .75 of a square metre:

x1 – 610×406
x1 – 406×203
x2 – 406×406
x2 – 203×203

You lay one pack, and then the other and that will bring you one full french pattern layout that is 1.5m2. Congratulations!